CleanMaster RustBreak

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Rust Removing Spotting Solution

RustBreak is a safer way to remove crusted and stubborn rust stains that can appear on carpet and upholstery. It works as fast and effectively as other harsh acid rust removers, without the risk and exposure. It has a controlled acid pH so that it does not need a neutralizing solution after use, simply a clear water extraction.

  • It has 4 times the rust removing ability of citric acid based rust solutions and begins to work immediately on contact. No long waiting or long dwell times
  • It removes rust stains left by metal filing cabinets that get wet as well as metal surfaces that come into contact with wet carpet when the cleaning technician neglects to insert a protective tab or Styrofoam block.
  • RustBreak is also effective effective for many mineral based soils such as metal stains, water stains and rings. It will lighten up many water stains. It is also excellent for removing mineral scale and hard water stains from hard surfaces, including lightening or eliminating rust stains on hard surface floors and concrete floors.


  1. Always pre-test all cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area on the surface being treated for colorfastness prior to application.
  2. Apply solution full strength liberally to affected area. Wear protective gloves and work solution into rust stain with spotting spatula.
  3. Allow to dwell for 1 to 2 minutes, although you should see some effect almost immediately.
  4. Thoroughly extract area with clear water.

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